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EU Awards €2.5 Million to Develop BabyArk, the World Safest Children Car Seat

The European Union (EU) has awarded Mobius Protection Systems €2.5 million to develop BabyArk, the safest car seat ever created.

The grant was awarded through the EU’s SME Instrument Phase II and will be used to create a new generation of smart car seats based on breakthrough multiple-patented technology.

Some 1.3 million children are currently involved in motor vehicle crashes each year, which is the leading cause of death and injury among infants. In Europe alone, 700 children are killed yearly on roads and 80,000 are injured.

BabyArk increases safety by a factor of four compared to statutory requirements and by a factor of two compared to the safest products on the market, while being far superior in terms of usability. The technology guarantees that infant injuries will be less severe, substantially reducing head trauma, the most significant injury in children, while at the same time reducing death probability.

“All parents believe their children are their most precious gift but fail to realize that their kids are facing real risk while sitting in standard car seat,” said Shy Mindel, BabyArk’s CEO and founder. “The development of child restraint systems (CRS) has been stagnant for more than a decade, resulting in tragic life loss and economic damage.”

“Our mission is to introduce the most advanced technologies and design to set a new level of safety that will reduce child mortality and injuries significantly,” Mindel added. “Potential users are already showing great interest in BabyArk’s solutions, which aim to revolutionize the traditional safety seat industry.”

BabyArk’s has heavily invested in R&D leading to the development of a spring-like Energy Absorption (EA). The innovative technology converts kinetic energy to plastic deformation, absorbing most energy and dramatically reducing accelerations.

The seats special mechanism anchors the seat to the vehicle’s frame. The cutting-edge component creates a buffering layer that absorbs the shock wave flowing from the vehicle frame to the seat.

BabyArk’s new seats are based on special safety seats developed by Mobius for armored vehicles for the most extreme environments.



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