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StoreDot Annonces New Battery Tech to Extend Battery Life

StoreDot announced that its new battery technology extends the lifespan of batteries, making them highly effective during a vehicle’s lifespan and for ‘second life’ applications. This improved technology combines the innovative electrochemistry system of the company’s silicon dominant cells to ensure minimal drop-off in performance even as the battery ages, beyond its useful EV life. 

Robust performance is maintained even after 1000 cycles and 80% capacity, the point at which rival lithium-ion fast charging technologies start to deteriorate in performance rapidly. Even after 1700 cycles, long after the accepted industry norm, StoreDot’s batteries maintain 70% of the original capacity, making them highly effective in second life usage for less dynamic applications such as energy storage and grid load balancing systems.

StoreDot has been known for its quick charging capabilities. This new announcement comes weeks after the company raised $80 million in a Series-D funding round. Dr. Doron Myersdorf, a StoreDot CEO, stated a few weeks ago: 

“We are now properly funded to take our silicon-dominant XFC cells to the end of the R&D phase and into scale-up in readiness for mass production in 2024 for global vehicle manufacturers. In addition, it will help overcome the major barrier to EV ownership – charging times – providing a 50% reduction, and, ultimately, helping us all achieve a zero-emissions, clean world.”



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