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Uri Levin New CEO of Israel Discount Bank

Uri Levin
Uri Levin

Israel Discount Bank has announced that Uri Levin will become its new CEO. Levin will replace Lilach Asher-Topilsky, who recently announced her resignation, following a very successful stint as bank CEO. Levin currently serves as the CEO of Israel Discount Bank of New York. He is considered one of Asher-Topilsky‚Äôs proteges. Levin, a former Air Force pilot, went on to earn a degree in Engineering and Computer Science from Tel Aviv University, followed by an MBA from the London Business School. In 2007, after working for McKinsey for two years, Levin became the assistant to Zvi Ziv CEO of Bank Hapoalim. When Asher-Topilsky was appointed CEO in 2014, she convinced Levin (whom she had worked with at Hapoalim), to leave ISP (the firm at which he was CEO), and join Israel Discount Bank as its VP of Finance and Strategy.  In 2016, Levin became CEO of Israel Discount Bank New York, which is the largest Israeli bank in New York. Levin is 46 years old.  



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