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Yael Shatz and Shmuel ben Shimo

Yael Shatz and Shmuel ben Shimo are a unique couple. They have been working together for most of their professional lives.  I was clearly drawn to the two sharing much in common, as I have been working with my wife either full-time or part-time since we met, over 30 years ago. My wife is, among other things, a graphic artist and like Yael and Shmuel. We too have been Apple users since those computers came into existence and continue to do all our work on Macs.

Yael and Shmuel have been using their skills to create state-of-the-art marketing solutions for companies throughout the world. Their latest creation is a virtual showroom, for Yamaha Motor. Their first showroom opened in Tel Aviv and their company, Hive-8, has received orders from Yamaha to develop virtual showrooms to be installed in a number of European cities.



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