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Pepticom Raises $5 Million

Leadership Team

Pepticom, a leader in artificial intelligence peptide drug discovery, announced today that it has secured $5 million in Series-A funding from the Chartered Group. 

Pepticom’s unique artificial intelligence (AI) technology streamlines and significantly accelerates the ability of researchers to discover advanced peptide-based drug candidates. Peptides are used in various therapies, and are recognized for being highly selective and efficacious as well as relatively safe. The pharma industry has recently shown an increased interest in peptide research and development, leading to a resurgence of peptide drug candidates. The process of discovering new peptides with lifesaving potential, however, is still costly and time consuming.  Pepticom’s AI technology enables the discovery of the most advanced peptide-based drug candidates by searching an enormous set of possible solutions, vastly reducing the risk of failure during development.

Pepticom’s technology covers a chemical-space of 1030 possible molecular options — which is much larger than current screening techniques — while simultaneously filtering out the most suitable candidates with properties such as solubility and permeability amongst others. The ability to search a large amount of variables while considering their pharmacological impact, and also eliminating nonviable molecules at an early stage is groundbreaking in peptide drug discovery. Pepticom’s technology brings down the cost of drug discovery in a quick, comprehensive and successful manner.

The Chartered Group’s strategic investment will facilitate the development of new AI models to further increase molecular discovery efficacy while reducing risk for the next stages of development. “This $5 million investment by Chartered Group signals confidence in Pepticom’s technology and abilities going forward,” said Immanuel Lerner, Founder and CEO of Pepticom.  “Pepticom already improves discovery time by almost a year, and this investment will further reduce that time and thus improve time to market considerably.”



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