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Price of Cereals Going Up

"If only Israelis would boycott Uniliver the company would fold"

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about how expensive food is in Israel. As part of that article, I gave examples of the price of cereal in the US vs Israel. Apparently, that price difference was not sufficient for Unilever Israel, who decided to raise cereal prices sold under the Telma Brand by up to 17%. Unilever has chosen to implement this change in an underhanded manner. Instead of raising the price of cereal, they have decided to decrease the amount of product in a box. Thus, a box of “CocoMan” that previously contained 500 grams and will now have 375 grams. Unilever hopes that few people as possible pay attention to this price increase, claiming a rise in the prices of both raw materials and wages. Looks like another case of corporate avarice by Unilever. As an executive of a local supermarket chain told me- “if Israelis would boycott Unilever, they would fold. But no one will do anything and prices will continue to rise”.



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