Israeli Start Ups Have Excellent Quarter Raising Funds

2.24 billion was raised in a total of 142 deals


The third quarter of 2019 was another excellent quarter for Israeli start ups looking to raise money. A total of $2.24 billion was raised, making Q3 2019 the best quarter since 2013. The $2.24 billion was raised in a total of 142 deals. The sum raised during this quarter was up 37% from the same quarter last year. There were a total of 13 mega deals — i.e., deals over $50 million, which represented 57% of the money raised during the quarter. Six deals alone accounted for $841 million. During the first three quarters of 2019, a total of $4.68 billion was raised from venture capital firms, which is close to the total sum raised in venture capital during all of 2018. Software companies continued to lead the pack, with a total 52 deals totaling $1.4 billion. Life Science and CleanTech are two growing sectors, with Life Sciences garnering 38 deals totaling $350 million, and CleanTech companies picking up 10 deals totaling $85 million.

The big question facing the Israeli start up scene is how long the good times can continue? There is a natural fear that after the spectacular melt down of WeWork venture capitalists are going to be more cautious in allocating funds.


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